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Colored Lenses – Who Wears Them?

Colored or tinted lenses are very common today, especially when you consider the number of advancements made in lens technology in the last two decades. The most common uses of them are for cosmetic purposes, along with vision correction. The average user of a colored lens is often not looking to attract overt attention to themselves or the fact that they are wearing the lenses in the first place. You can find more information about color contact lenses at 20/20 Color Contact Lenses.

Colored contact lens wearers often want to enhance their existing eye color or correct a natural defect, such as eyes with two distinctly different colors (Eg: One blue and one brown eye.), bloodshot irises, or eye color that is too faded.

These people can be found everywhere: at home, at work, going to the movies, shopping etc. They use the lenses as a “boost” to their daily appearances without any real desire to advertise the fact that they are doing so.

The main concerns colored lens wearers have are:

1. Are the lenses comfortable?

2. Can I see through them accurately, without distorting my vision or dealing with eye strain after extended use?

3. Do the lenses fit with my wardrobe, skin tones, hair color, etc.? Do they look professional?

4. Are the lenses easy to take care of?

5. Are the lenses affordable?

Read about How to buy Colored Contact Lenses Online – Colored contact lenses have long been popular amongst people who want or like to change their eye color, either for everyday wear, costume accessory, or a special occasion such as Halloween.

Colored Contact Lenses

Anyone who wants to change their eye color or appearance with colored contact lenses will likely find this site of interest. I have also included information for visitors who are interested in contact lenses for the club or industrial scene, acting, or costume creation. For those of you who aren’t into the more theatrical end of it, consider the following scenario of a week in the life of a colored contact lens user:

Colored Contact Lenses

You want to be green-eyed and bubbly when out for coffee with your friendson a Sunday night before starting your week. From Monday to Friday, you choose a grey eyed and serious look for class or work. Saturday rolls around and you decide to change and go blue and mysterious for a night of dancing (or purple if you want to really make a splash). Believe it or not, there are some attractive and neat-looking shades of violet out there to choose from, too. Look right to see what I mean. I would suggest getting colored contact lenses here.

Where does someone get the idea to change eye color with colored contact lenses in the first place?

The simplest answer to this is personal psychology, especially self image and esteem. People often feel judged by appearance in our society and they want to alter that appearance in a meaningful way. Here is an example from a friend of mine back in 1994. At this time, colored contact lenses were coming down in price and she decided to give them a try.

My friend, when I met her, had blue/grey eyes and a steady gaze. She was a thinker and someone who tended to look deeply into people. The problem was that she felt her appearance, and her eyes in specific, didn’t really reflect who she was. She felt that people considered her to be cool and a bit detached because of her calm appearing eyes. She was an artist with a lot of creativity and wanted to let people know it in a subtle yet direct way.

Over the next year, she considered many different ways of changing her appearance, ranging from hair styles and dyes to plastic surgery. All of these methods were permanent to some degree (EG: Dye or hair styles take time to grow out, minor surgery involved expense and permanent changes to her features, etc.) Also, she was basically OK with the way she looked, it was just her eyes that she felt needed some kind of enhancement.

Finally she hit on the idea of colored contact lenses. She was a glasses wearer all her life (although she could function without them for close-up work) but had been wearing contacts since her late teens, so she knew what went into owning contacts. She had seen some information about colored contact lenses after a visit to her optometrist. Intrigued, she looked over the various shades of blue, green, hazel, and brown being offered. She settled upon a deep shade of green that she really liked and decided that it suited her face, her hair and her skin tones.

To my surprise I noticed the eye color change six months after she made it, and only after SHE pointed it out to me. She asked me what I thought of it and if it had changed my perception of her. When I thought back, I realized that since the time where she had first “gone green”, I had thought of her as warmer and more approachable. Our talks together were the same, she was still the same sensitive, artsy person she always was, her sense of humor was still as quietly zany, but the eye color had subtly changed my view of her.

You can find a wide variety of colored contacts online.

My friend opened my eyes (if you’ll pardon the pun) to just how common the use of colored contact lenses is and that interested me enough to do research on what kind of lenses are out there and what goes into owning a pair of them.

New – How to buy Colored Contact Lenses Online – Colored contact lenses have long been popular amongst people who want or like to change their eye color, either for everyday wear, costume accessory, or a special occasion such as Halloween.